Insure Your Happiness!



Happiness Assurance® has made luxury vacations more affordable than you might imagine.


Happiness Assurance® a division of Ampro Vacations Inc. consistently delivers world-class vacations at the most desirable locations. Happiness Assurance® has been recognized for its award-wining customer service, customized vacation packages, and highly competitive pricing by prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, FORBES, Reuters, Yacht & Vacations, The Dallas Morning News and many others. Our novel approach offers our customers the best for less. Rather than charging high mark-ups, we pass the savings along to you, our customers. We keep our margins low so we can save you money.


Your happiness is our mission. The moment you enroll is when our relationship really begins. Our professionals are always eager to help you get the vacation you want, when you want it.


In short, it's our job to make sure your vacation experience is so amazing that you will tell everyone you know. Referrals by countless satisfied customers have given us the volume of business necessary to be profitable and in turn, reinforce our commitment to turn each and every customer.

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