Frequently Asked Questions

What is Happiness Assurance?

World's most affordable luxury vacation program that helps you commit to your happiness- having fun with loved ones, away from stress. It solves the time and money excuses you give yourself. You have one year to enjoy it, and for the cost of a latte a day for your entire family, you can't afford not to go!

What are the advantages comparing to online?

Time, money and planning. Don't kid yourself. When you buy a vacation online you pay retail. You must have all the money upfront and have to plan the vacation yourself. You cannot change your dates without changing your rates. With Happiness Assurance, you can lock in current record low, and decide later where to go. You have one full year to vacation. Choose from 1,979 amazing destinations - same price. It costs you less than $7 a day (over 12 months). And our free concierge will plan the vacation for you, so it's hassle free!

What do I get?

You get 7 nights luxury vacation lodging at 1,979 hotels and resorts, including Westin, four Seasons, Hilton, Sheraton and Disney. You'll luxuriate in a 1-2 bedrooms villa, including living room, dining room, gourmet kitchen, 2- 3 TV's, DVD player, stereo system and often a Jacuzzi bath and other luxury amenities.

Will you help plan my vacation?

Yes. Our expert concierge will you help plan a dream vacation according to the needs of all the members of your family for free. If the husband loves golf, the wife a spa and the kids like to surf, we will find a location out of our 1,979 destinations that will accommodate all our wants and needs.

Can I take others with me?

Yes, of course. After all families that vacation together, stay together! Or bring your friends! The accommodation is for 4-6 adults. Some of our clients provide the lodging while their guests help with the transport costs.

Do I have to decide now where and when I want to vacation?

No. You enroll now, and lock in the current record low, and decide later where to go. Enjoy total peace of mind as you'll never pay more regardless of the market price in 3, 6 or 11 months from today!

Is it not just a layby for vacations?

No. With Happiness Assurance you do not have to decide now where and when you want to go. You have unparalleled flexibility and 1,979 destination in the U.S. and 109 countries to choose from. Your advantage is that you can lock in now, at record low price, regardless of the future market price.

What about transport costs?

Although Happiness Assurance does not covered flights, there are probably hundreds of luxury destinations within driving distance from you. Since the lodging is for 4-6 people, many of our clients guests help with the transport costs.

What about expensive hotel restaurants?

Since you'll get a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, you will save on expensive hotel food and it's more convenient and relaxing without the need of getting dressed every time you want a bite.

What about other expensive resort amenities?

You have a FREE gym and a wide variety of free social and recreational activities- fun for kids and private time for adults.

Does it really work?

If it didn't work, we wouldn't have been in business for 18 years, we wouldn't have won the Excellence Award bestowed by the President of The United States, or have the BBB highest rating with 0 complaints for the last 3 years or covered by Forbes and Wall Street Journal.

Can I vacation during peak times?

Yes, subject to availability. The earlier you pay your balance, the earlier we can book you during these most desired times. ( Xmas requires an additional fee).

When can I vacation?

You can vacation after paying your balance in full. The sooner it's is paid, the more vacation opportunities you'll probably get. You'll also be able to make the most cost-effective transport arrangements. We can book within a week or up to 12 months in advance.

Are there any long term commitment?

No, you can stop at any time.

How many vacation weeks could I enjoy ?

You can enroll with as many vacation weeks you need. However, if we have an online Special, you can enroll only with one week. (7 nights, 8 days)

By when must I use my vacations?

You have one full year after payment to enjoy your vacation. After that, if you want to use it, you'll pay a small supplement.

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