Vacations motivate people more than money – and cost you less!

Want to Exceed Expectations?

Happy Employees:

  • Work smarter and produce better results
  • Are more engaged
  • Are easier to retain
  • Go over and above the call of duty
  • Attract people just as committed to the job

Offer Unexpected Value!

  • 7 FREE nights vacation for 4 people
  • Happy experiences motivates more than cash
  • Reducing stress, increasing happiness
  • Choose from 1,979 luxury locations
  • Unused benefits are transferable
  • Costs a fraction of other benefits

The Ultimate Incentive

  • Your recipient decides, where, when and with whom to go!
  • Motivates more than cash, costs you less
  • $300 per month x 12 for an entire family
  • Vacations customized to individual needs!

Why Happiness Assurance®

  • Plan Your Future Vacations
    Helps you plan for your exotic or ideal vacations.
  • Access to Luxury Resorts and Hotels

    Top hotels and resorts with world-class amenities and services.

  • Value and Savings
    Offers value and savings on luxury accommodations.
  • Flexibility in Booking

    Enjoy the freedom to decide when, where and with whom to go.

Givers Gain

For only $300, offer now a $7,000 motivating incentive that everybody wants!
Enjoy an immediate positive cash flow: Your business will increase long before the balance is due!

Lock in this record low. Your employees and clients can decide later where and when to go!

A once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation will motivate your employees and clients and drive profits.

Plan your Happiness!
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