How it Works

Enroll for just a latte a day – and enjoy a suite vacation stay! Vacation for a week at any of 3,000 fantastic locations, all at the same price – locked for 12 months! Plan your happiness – even if you don’t know today, where, when, or have all the funds now!

Why aren‘t you on vacation? Probably because of time and money. With us, you have up to two years to enjoy it, and for just a latte a day, you have no excuse. Call now to lock in this record low. Decide later where to go! It’s the same price for all 1,979 amazing destinations!

  • Your happiness is your best investment!

    Vacation experiences contribute more to happiness than money or stuff.

  • Balance your life

    Do you spend more monthly on unlikely calamities? (accidents, theft, fire insurance) than on your assured happiness? Stop the insanity!

  • Stress kills, Vacation Heals!

    Best way to deal with stress? Get away from your stressors (work & home worries)

  • Friends don’t let friends pay RETAIL online!

    Live your dream vacation – for a fraction of what others pay!

  • Be the Creator of Your Happiness!

    Life is short. Plan happiness today, before other things get in your way!

Why Happiness Assurance®

  • Plan Your Future Vacations
    Helps you plan for your exotic or ideal vacations.
  • Access to Luxury Resorts and Hotels

    Top hotels and resorts with world-class amenities and services.

  • Value and Savings
    Offers value and savings on luxury accommodations.
  • Flexibility in Booking

    Enjoy the freedom to decide when, where and with whom to go.

Plan your Happiness!
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