How it Works

Enroll for just a latte a day* and enjoy a luxurious week-long stay at any 3,000 top-notch resorts – no blackout dates! One year to decide where, when, and with whom to go, locked at a fraction of the cost you’d find online. No catch, no timeshares. Solving the money, time, and planning hurdles to happiness. (*paid monthly, cancel anytime)

Why aren‘t you on vacation? Probably because of time and money. With us, you have up to two years to enjoy it, and for just a latte a day, you have no excuse. Call now to lock in this record low. Decide later where to go! It’s the same price for all 1,979 amazing destinations!

  • Your happiness is your best investment!

    Vacation experiences contribute more to happiness than money or stuff.

  • Balance your life

    Do you spend more monthly on unlikely calamities? (accidents, theft, fire insurance) than on your assured happiness? Stop the insanity!

  • Stress kills, Vacation Heals!

    Best way to deal with stress? Get away from your stressors (work & home worries)

  • Friends don’t let friends pay RETAIL online!

    Live your dream vacation – for a fraction of what others pay!

  • Be the Creator of Your Happiness!

    Life is short. Plan happiness today, before other things get in your way!

Why Happiness Assurance®

  • Plan Your Future Vacations
    Helps you plan for your exotic or ideal vacations.
  • Access to Luxury Resorts and Hotels

    Top hotels and resorts with world-class amenities and services.

  • Value and Savings
    Offers value and savings on luxury accommodations.
  • Flexibility in Booking

    Enjoy the freedom to decide when, where and with whom to go.

Plan your Happiness!
Call 1-877-HAPPY10 Today!

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