Dare to Compare
Online VendorsHappiness Assurance
PricePay Retail40% any online price
Must know where todayYesNo
Must know when todayYesNo
Must know how many todayYesNo
Pay in full upfrontYesNo
Monthly paymentNoYes
SizeSmall RoomLarge suite or Villa
AmenitiesOne TV2-3 TV's, DVD player, Free Internet
FoodExpensive RestaurantsEnjoy Gourmet kitchen in Suite!
ActivitiesGym (extra cost?)Free gym & fun activities
FlexibilityDate & location fixedFlexible date & locations
Free UpgradesNoYes
Free Vacation planningNoYes
Lock discount for 2 yearsNoYes

Why Happiness Assurance®

  • Plan Your Future Vacations
    Helps you plan for your exotic or ideal vacations.
  • Access to Luxury Resorts and Hotels

    Top hotels and resorts with world-class amenities and services.

  • Value and Savings
    Offers value and savings on luxury accommodations.
  • Flexibility in Booking

    Enjoy the freedom to decide when, where and with whom to go.

Plan Your Future Vacations with Happiness Assurance®
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