Dare to Compare
Online Vendors Happiness Assurance
Price Pay Retail 40% any online price
Must know where today Yes No
Must know when today Yes No
Must know how many today Yes No
Pay in full upfront Yes No
Monthly payment No Yes
Size Small Room Large suite or Villa
Amenities One TV 2-3 TV's, DVD player, Free Internet
Food Expensive Restaurants Enjoy Gourmet kitchen in Suite!
Activities Gym (extra cost?) Free gym & fun activities
Flexibility Date & location fixed Flexible date & locations
Free Upgrades No Yes
Free Vacation planning No Yes
Lock discount for 2 years No Yes

Why Happiness Assurance®

  • Plan Your Future Vacations
    Helps you plan for your exotic or ideal vacations.
  • Access to Luxury Resorts and Hotels

    Top hotels and resorts with world-class amenities and services.

  • Value and Savings
    Offers value and savings on luxury accommodations.
  • Flexibility in Booking

    Enjoy the freedom to decide when, where and with whom to go.

Plan Your Future Vacations with Happiness Assurance®
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